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Piercing Aftercare

Tattoo Aftercare

​The main thing DO NOT touch fresh piercings without washing hands with an anti-bacterial soap such as Dial.


 Never touch fresh piercing with dirty hands. Wash mouth with Listerine, anytime you eat, drink or smoke. Anytime anything goes in your mouth besides ice or water you must rinse. You can eat anything you feel comfortable with. Crushed ice will help reduce swelling, let it melt in your mouth DO NOT chew it up. If available take Ibuprofen as directed on the bottle.

Navels, Nose, Nipples, Ears, etc.

Never touch with dirty hands always wash hands before touching a fresh piercing. Use a clean glass every time (prefer shot glass but small drinking glass will work) Put the hottest water you can with stand into the glass. Add a pinch of sea salt to the water, and mix well. Dip a q-tip into the salt water. Clean around one side of the piercing and flip the q-tip before cleaning around the other side of the piercing. Rotate the jewelry and repeat. Once it is all clean use a q-tip with water still flipping to clean the salt water off. Turn jewelry only when washing it. Wash three to four times a day.

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​​​​Begin 2 hours after your tattoo by washing your hands and removing the bandage and washing with warm water and mild unscented anti-bacterial soap (such as Dial anti-bacterial). Pat dry with a clean, dry paper towel. Ensure that the skin is dry and apply a small amount of Aquaphor. Rub the Aquaphor in as you would lotion. Then pat the excess off with a clean paper towel. Repeat every 3 hours for the first 3 days. 

Day 4 switch to unscented, water-based lotion such as Eucerin, Curel, or Lubriderm. Continue to use the lotion for the next 2 weeks, applying 3-4 times daily.

Take brief showers during this 2 week healing period. Do not scrub the newly tattooed area with cloths or towels. Blot or pat dry only.

Things to Remember:

Do NOT wear tight fitting clothing around the tattooed area.

If the tattoo scabs, do NOT pick at it. These scabs will come off in the shower as the area continues to heal.

Stay out of direct sunlight (real or artificial)  and try to avoid public water souces such as swimming pools, hot tubs, etc. for the first month.

Even after the healing period has elapsed, continue to use lotion on your tattoo. ALWAYS use sunscreen.

If you have any questions, please call us at (615) 256-5051