​Queen of Hearts Tattoo & Body Piercing


Pricing on tattoos will depend on size, detail, and placement on the body. Our minimum for tattoos start at $80 and go up. We also do session work for larger pieces starting at $120 an hour. There is no extra charge for custom pieces. Feel free to bring in any photos or ideas for your new custom tattoo by and speak to an artist. Don’t have time to stop by! Go to our Contact Us page and fill out our Tattoo Inquiry form to see if we can work with your budget. If you do not request an artist your quote will be given to the artist we feel will best fit your design. We hope to see you soon for your new custom tattoo!

-18 and up with valid identification-

Bridge - $60

Dermals - 1 for $100 & $80 after (In a session)​

Dimples - $100

1st Hole Ear Lobes - $50 or 2 for $60

Ear - $60 or 2 for $100

Eyebrow, Anti-eyebrow - $60

Industrial - $80

Lip, Monroe, Philtrum - $60

Navel - $60

Nipple - $60 or 2 for $100

Nose - $60

Septum - $60

Smiley - $60

Tongue - $60

Below the waist - $100 and up (Discuss w/ Piercer)


-18 and up with vallid identification.-

*Restrictions apply under the age of 18. Please contact us for details.